First Place 4 Health- a Christian Weight loss Program

First Place 4 Health- a Christian Weightloss Program


Diets are temporary weight loss solutions. First Place 4 Health is a healthy eating lifestyle that targets the whole individual. The program is centered on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It's a Christ-centered study that incorporates a bible study and weekly support group into the program.

You can join one of the local First Place 4 Health groups in your area with just a phone call or email. You’ll find a local listing at:

There is no membership fee, but there are some start-up costs for books and bible study materials.

How to start

Make a list of personal temptations/stress- work or family stress, illness, injury, holidays, the influence of others, etc. This will help you to avoid or control their effect on your eating habits.

Choose your calorie range (Women) 

Age           Calories inactive          moderately active           highly active

19-25 ------- 1700-1800 ------------ 1900-2000 ------------ 2100-2200

26-50 ------- 1500-1600 ------------ 1700-1800 ------------ 1900-2000

51-76+ ----- 1300-1400 ------------ 1500-1600 ------------ 1700-1800


Program Basics

Base your portion sizes on First Place 4 Health recommendations.

Dispose of all junk food in your possession.

Do not purchase diet food that is not appealing, i.e., that you won’t eat.

Get emotional support, someone who will listen and encourage.

Get a workout partner; start with a 15-minute walk each day.

Accept responsibility for your personal health.

Set realistic short-term goals.

Order a salad when others choose pasta at a restaurant.

Find the healthy choices on the menu- check the calories.

Ask the waitress to delete the sauce or choose grilled instead of fried.

Eat whole grains such as whole wheat, wild rice, brown rice, and oatmeal.

Choose unsaturated fats such as healthy oils, fish, leafy greens, certain nuts, and eggs.

Eat healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mix sugar with equal parts of sweetener to help reduce calories.

Take a daily multi-vitamin.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

God wants you to be healthy

Attend the First Place for Health meetings each week.

Learn how scripture supports a healthy lifestyle.

Learn how prayer enhances your will to reach goals.

Realize that the commercial body image in magazines and on TV is not realistic.

Your body is unique and precious to God.

Discontinue bad childhood eating habits.

Make sure to plan healthy meals to take to work instead of eating out.

Take a short walk during lunchtime.

Reduce stress, be organized, prepare the night before, leave for work 10 minutes early.

Get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

Social events don't have to be a problem if you prep for them ahead of time.

Eat a healthy snack before an event, never go hungry.

Fill your plate only once. Use a small plate.

Use small servings.

Avoid high-fat foods.

Eat slowly.

Take an extra walk before or after the event to burn extra calories.

Focus on the event, not the food.

Start a daily journal

Make it honest, specific and straightforward.

Write a quick prayer of praise and ask for support.

Be consistent.


Things You'll Need

• First Place for Heath group

• Members Kit

• Bible study

• Bible



• A healthy lifestyle cannot happen overnight. Take small steps, set short-term achievable goals such as 4-6 pound loss per month. This is a lifestyle change that will result in weight loss due to healthier eating and adding more exercise to your routine.

Check with your doctor before starting any new weight loss or exercise program.

Kimbra Townsend