Angel From Hell Excerpt:

O'liv'et turned to stare at him, “You're not fooling anyone. I can feel the darkness inside you, it’s screaming to get out.”
Cody locked eyes with her and said, “I think you’re mistaking lust for evil. It’s technically not the same thing.”
She smiled and countered, “Isn’t it? A sin is still a sin no matter how pretty the package.” 
He grinned back at her, “I don’t think you get my meaning.”
She laughed and picked up a holstered gun from the table next to her. “Oh, I got it. I’m just not interested. I hope you can get over it.” She tossed him the gun and added, “There’s a clip on the back for your belt, and make sure the safety’s on. Accidentally shooting a demon will get you killed quicker than a second visit to the seventh floor.”

Kimbra Townsend