Take a peek at the new cover for Tempest Rise!

I had my book Tempest Rise's cover redone. I felt the couple making out on the gorgeous cover was nice, but didn't portray a true sense of the book. While it is a romance, it's also a Science Fiction Fantasy. Here's the new cover. It goes live tomorrow.


Dr. Lysette Nolan is a prominent pediatric surgeon in Lon Tesse and the niece of Regent Dana’s Head of Intelligence. Her uncle invites her to the Regent’s summer retreat where she encounters Prince Katar, the heir of Treborel, a mountainous kingdom following the ancient ways of the empathic healers. He’s boisterous, charismatic and daring. She’s quiet, introspective and curious about the empathic healers. Their romance takes them into the bowels of a continental conflict where Lysette becomes the target of the enemies psychopathic commander. Lysette's only weapon is her long bow, but what can a long bow do against a blaster and a ferocious mountain predator? Will she survive long enough for Katar to reach her?