Archangel Book 5 is available for Pre-order 7/19/17

My readers have been going crazy waiting for Angel From Hell to be released, so here is the projected launch date: Oct 1st!  It's available for pre-order starting tomorrow 7/19/17.  Here's a sneak peak!

Angel From Hell excerpt:

Only a small portion of hell was filled with fire and brimstone. In fact, that haunting vision of stark rock cliffs, lava geysers, and fiery pools was actually more of a reception area than a full zone of hell. True to the nature of hell they used it to welcome new arrivals. It was the first of many twisted settings designed with the wicked sense of humor only Satan could conceive. Most of hell was a barren field of ice. Not the pretty ice that comes after a new fallen snow. But the brown and black icy slush that lines the city streets during rush hour.

Yet the real beauty of hell was the individualized horror chambers that continually tortured its victims with the one particular fear that haunted their living dreams. Some relived the moment of their death over and over again. Others found themselves living in a medieval village that continually fell prey to werewolves or vampires. Still, others were sucked slowly down into a pit of mud, sand or tar to suffocate over and over again. Others would endure flesh all eating worms or voids of pure darkness that promised all the horrors the imagination could conceive and those were only the physical tortures.

Interestingly enough, at some point, the victims acclimate themselves to what was once their greatest fear and become numb to the once torturous routine. That’s when things get interesting. Well, interesting for Satan anyway. O'liv'et stared down at the massive cavern watching the line of new arrivals tearing at their hair and clothing in a vain attempt to escape the searing waves of scorching heat that burned their flesh and boiled the fluid inside their eyes. She pitied them. Fools, the lot of them, ignorant, selfish fools.

They, just as she, in a moment of weakness traded their chance at a blissful eternity for the fire and ice of hell. She, just as these pathetic mortals had grown numb to the horrors of hell. O’liv’et had it easier than most of the other fallen angels. Being the mistress of Satan kept her away from the drudgery of creating demons or traveling to the mortal plane to seduce mankind with Satan’s latest ploy. Her lack of wings aided in her lengthy stay in hell, away from the mortal realm.

Yet the longer their bashment continued the further Satan grew from the breath-taking archangel Lucifer that dared to challenge God. Lucifer was no more. Slowly over millennia O'liv’et watched in horror as her beloved Lucifer transformed into Satan, the King of Hell. Only now after witnessing the ugliness of his soul rise to the surface did O’liv’et realize Lucifer had not only betrayed God, but all of his followers as well. He was not God’s equal, he could never be. All his promises were lies. There was no new Garden of Eden waiting for them beyond God's reach as he had promised. Instead, they were cast down to earth and doomed to hide in the darkness of hell until the End of Days arrived.

O’liv’et stared at the mortals baking in the heat of hell’s entrance. This was her life now, her limited eternity. One day Christ would return and throw them all into the lake of fire. She knew it was true. Satan refused to believe it. He insisted the future could be changed. He swore once hell overflowed with mortals turned into demons, he would finally have an army powerful enough to defeat God. O’liv’et knew in her heart, he was wrong.

Too long, had she wasted her precious time using her perfect body to sate Satan’s lust. Lucifer was the one who earned her love, but he was gone. Replaced by a creature as hideous as God was beautiful. The worst of it was that one day all the mortals suffering in hell will call up to heaven begging for forgiveness and they would receive it. The mortals would be forgiven for their wickedness, but the angels that followed Satan would burn in the lake of fire by their master’s side. Their fate was sealed.

O’liv’et’s fists clenched at her side. With a jerk of her head, O’liv’et’s long curling ponytail flew off her bare shoulder and trailed down her back. There had to be another way. Her emerald eyes rose to the far horizon. A patch of distant sky that hinted of white clouds and bright sunlight. How she longed to return to Heaven. “I was wrong,” She whispered, “I was a fool who mistook great beauty for power and love.” She glanced down at the fires of hell and added with the barest of breath, “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes rose once more toward the horizon. That was her only hope. Did she dare leave Satan behind for the slim chance that God would give her a chance to redeem herself after all these years? No fallen angel had dared attempt a return to heaven. There were rumors that Raphael had offered redemption on several occasions to some of the others but none were strong enough to risk Satan’s wrath should God not receive them with open arms.

Was her wish to return simply a cowardly escape from the lake of fire? She smiled at the once still voice in her head that had suddenly returned. Her conscience. Maybe she did have a chance. She slipped on her helmet made from the skull of a porcelain bug demon. The needle-like antenna and dark green scales that flowed down her back and crept around to her chest helped distract her foes from the fact that her wings were missing.

Arching her back, O’liv’et laughed at the mere thought that her wings might have returned because of her confession. She adjusted the sword at her belt. It was the only remnant of her Divine life she still carried. Eyeing the horizon, O’liv’et scanned the rocky ridge that ran along the western wall of the fiery canyon below. It would take time, but she could make it.

It was time to see if the rumors of Raphael’s offers were real.