A little about Alaina...

About Alaina:
An avid sportsman, Alaina loves spending time in the country with her family. She fishes and hunts with her husband during deer season and despite her husband's encouragement prefers the compound bow to the crossbow. As the mother of seven, Alaina is an expert at playing video games, board games, and Pokemon Go. Christmas is her favorite time of the year with Halloween as a close second. However, she's quite disappointed that none of her children have ever dressed up as any of her characters. Maybe next year...

Alaina raised her kids with an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment. Her goal was to teach them that the world is wonderfully filled with diversity and each person is a treasure in and of themselves. Family and friendship are at the core of each of Alaina's books, whether suspense, science fiction, fantasy, historical romance or children's books. They all center around the roles deep friendship plays in her characters lives.

Alaina's contemporary suspense and children's books are written under her true name, Kimbra Townsend. Her science fiction, fantasy, and historical romances are written under her pen name Alaina Stanford.

She loves to hear from her readers. You can email her anytime at 11alaina11@gmail.com she answers every email personally. Her website is https://www.authoralainastanford.com/ 

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