Escaping Reality

What do you do to escape reality if only for a few minutes? Daydreaming is fine but what about something more substantial? Drinking? Drugs? No, not me. I do have an occasional glass of Moscato which tells you I am an amatur drinker. Sweet fruit wine, yep, that's me. No, I don't try to dull my senses to escape reality, I try to enlighten them. I read, I write and I LOVE watching a good movie. All three of those things can take me to another realm where men fight to win the hand of beautiful women. Strong, adventurous, capable women use a sword to successfully fend off would be kidnappers. Love waits in the shadows if your brave enough to stare into the sparkling eyes that are watching you from a far. Movies have the advantage of a soundtrack that heightens the experience with sensual or exiting rhythms that send your heart racing. Movies, like books can spark the imagination and send us to heights of emotional bliss we would never feel otherwise. So, go watch a new movie or read a new book and escape from this world for a little while. Escape for an hour or two today so that you can face reality tomorrow.